Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping it Real---Pattern Design

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week I decided to bite the bullet and write my own pattern.  It was interesting but also very time consuming.  Things also got a little messy because I was so focused on it.
 My little one snuck up when I wasn't looking and decided to start taking pictures.
 The beginning of the mess.
 I heard a crash, turned around and saw this.  I think someone was a little frustrated that mommy was so preoccupied.
 Getting deeper into the pattern.
Here is my finished bag...I have to say, I can usually make these bags in about 3 hours.  After working almost 10 hours because of pictures and writing down all the steps I was beat.

Does anyone else feel really stressed out when they are writing patterns?  I would love to hear how you make it through the process.

Check out my pattern and tell me what you think

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!
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  1. Great job....and tell me about it! (Stressed out while writing patterns!) Most of my patterns are advanced and are loaded with step by step instructions and photos....and more pieces you can poke a stick at! LOLLL Sheer determination is how I make it through the process! Christine
    ChrisW Designs

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christine. The problem I run into is taking pictures. I forget that not everyone knows how to do every step. In the long is worth it though. Have a great day.