Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scent your Shipping supplies

I am weird...I like things to smell good.  When I started getting things together for Stitching in the Trees I had a bunch of tissue paper left over from birthdays.  I had stored them in a closet with our camping stuff.  Needless to say...the paper had absorbed an outdoors smell.  So, not wanting to waste money, I came up with this idea.
 What you need:  Tissue paper, fabric softener sheets, recycled baby wipe container, printer paper, a bag to hold paper.
 Place a fabric softener sheet in the bottom of the baby wipe container.
 Fold your tissue paper so that it will fit nicely in the container.
 Close the top and slightly pull out the first sheet of tissue paper.
 Now take a sack or anything that will fit your printer paper.  Place a fabric softener sheet  on top of paper and place it all in the bag.
Wrap it up.
Now your tissue paper and invoices will smell wonderful when your customers open their purchase.

Have a FANTASTIC day!!


  1. I know that some people will appreciate your thought of using scented shipping supplies. But I do hope that you check with your customers/clients before you ship their orders in scented paper/packaging. I, personally, would find it very upsetting to order from a shop and when the package arrived for the item I ordered to have any kind of scent on it or the packaging. I have allergies to many scents as do various members of my family and I would promptly return that item expecting a full refund.

    1. I appreciate your feedback. I would never have thought of this. I am learning a lot through this whole process. You have taught me something today...don't assume...thank you again!!!

  2. I was about to make the same comment as SuperMomNoCape - we have the same allergies I'd hate for you to lose a customer because of this (and make someone sick in the process!). Scent allergies are so common nowadays.

    1. Thank you...neither I or anyone around me has these issues. So honestly, I get that I didn't think this apologies.

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